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Basic knowledge of single girder crane refueling

April 1, 2021

Latest company news about Basic knowledge of single girder crane refueling

The single-girder crane is the crane that we are now widely used in our plant. Its major feature is its practicability and high cost performance. If you choose a good crane manufacturer, there will be no problems in the next few years. Let me introduce one of our very interesting users.


This matter has to start from last summer. This is a private company. The boss leased the factory buildings and single-beam cranes to a small company. As it was time for maintenance, he asked us to perform maintenance. When we went there From now on, he shook his head and said hey! Look at what a good single-beam crane I bought from your house. It was used by this tenant indiscriminately. I often slanted and lifted things that were overweight. You are here this time. You need to help me see if they have used them. The parts are worn out. We promised him to check it well while they weren’t leaving, and we asked him to rest assured. After all, it has not been repaired once in 2 years.




The reason why this crane is so good is to be honest with the boss who wants to buy a good crane. No, the single-beam cranes he asked us to make for him were all high-end. After our introduction, he also approved the designation of full frequency conversion and Kaicheng hoist.

When we checked the tightness of each screw and tightened it on the train, and every thread end was okay, after talking to him, he was still worried and took three barrels of gear oil from his factory warehouse. Say I feel that they have been driving for so long, and there must be a shortage of gear oil. I have a few barrels of gear oil for me to add. We will introduce to him that we have tested it and there is a lot of oil. Let us add it. Yes, but if you add more oil, it will overflow from the inside to the outside. The oil in the hoist is just right when it reaches one-third of the height of the gear box.


But he said it’s okay. The car must be refueled, and the single-beam crane must be refueled. You can refuel it. When the oil leaks, it’s okay. No matter how we introduce him, he insists on refueling. We have to refuel as he wants. After 4 single-beam cranes were added to me, there were 2 barrels left. The old man still had to worry about having to fill it up. We explained to him that there was no need to refuel. Now, after adding a barrel, it may leak down. It's oil, you want us to refuel now. Your car is 10 meters high. By that time, we will remove all the scaffolding. I just want to help you get the oil out. There is no way, right? The old man just bit the bullet and said that you just add oil, and if you continue to drip oil, you won't be looking for you. There is no machine that does not add oil. It's really difficult for this old man to fill up all the remaining two barrels of gear oil. After the filling is complete, the old man smiles and says that the ride will definitely work better.


Sure enough, I called us again in the morning and said why the oil kept dripping after you finished filling up the oil yesterday? Then we told him on the phone that it was time to refuel yesterday. I told you that there is no need to refuel. If you refuel, it will drip down. He smiled and said that I thought it would be better to refuel. It's yours, thank you. I did it myself. I'll come to our repairman to get some oil out.

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