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Does the electric chain hoist get too hot?

August 26, 2021

The electric chain hoist is composed of a motor, a transmission mechanism, and a sprocket. Electric chain hoists are all produced in accordance with relevant standards. The body has a beautiful appearance, strong and durable. The internal gears are all quenched at high temperatures, which increases the wear resistance and toughness of the gears.


We have received many private messages saying that the electric hoist always heats up but the reason is not found. In fact, it is not necessarily the electric hoist heating, but the electric hoist motor heating.


There are several reasons for motor overheating:


1. Use an electric hoist for overload. If the rated load of the electric hoist itself is exceeded, the motor has been overloaded, and it will generate heat. If the motor is used for a long time with overload, the temperature of the motor rises too fast, and the hoist is easy to burn out.


2. The electric hoist has a long working time. If it is used for a long time, the motor will generate too much heat and cannot dissipate heat in time, making the temperature of the motor higher and higher.


3. In the brake part of the electric hoist, the gap is too small and not completely disengaged, causing friction and heat generation; or there are foreign objects between various parts, which cause friction during operation. This is equivalent to increasing the load, the speed of the motor is reduced, and the increase in current will cause the motor to heat up.


Summarize the solution:


1. If the motor is overheated due to the overloaded lifting of the electric chain hoist, the weight should be reduced and the load should be lifted according to the rated lifting capacity.


2. If it is not overloaded and still overheated, relevant inspections should be carried out on the motor bearings, and the relevant regulations for motor work should be strictly implemented during the work process.


3. If the brake clearance is too small, stop in time and adjust the brake clearance to meet the requirements.


4. If the connecting screw is not tightened, the screw should be tightened in time to eliminate the fault. At the same time, frequent use of starting and braking devices will also overheat the motor, so frequent use of starting and braking devices should be minimized.


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