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How to use and maintain the crane

July 15, 2021

1. Before the lifting equipment leaves the factory, it is necessary to make an identity record. Safety inspection and maintenance before equipment installation: check the integrity of the performance of the main mechanisms of the equipment, check the visible defects of the main steel structure and joints and their pins and bolts, check the anti-corrosion condition of the equipment surface, make records, and issue installation opinions.


2. Hoisting equipment is maintained by dedicated personnel. After the equipment is delivered to use, the daily maintenance shall be the responsibility of the equipment operator or the full-time personnel of the user unit, and the installation and maintenance unit shall have the obligation to supervise and inspect the contents of the daily maintenance. The main content of daily maintenance is summarized as "cross operation method": cleaning, tightening, lubrication, adjustment, and anti-corrosion. 10~30 minutes before and at the end of the shift every day, inspect all parts and parts of the equipment to see if they are normal, add oil and lubricate according to the regulations, pay attention to whether the sound of the machine is normal, do a good job of cleaning and handover work, so as to achieve a clean appearance and normal operation of the equipment For the purpose, daily maintenance records and shift shift records should be made into fixed forms and managed as files.


3. Regular professional physical examinations are required for lifting and hoisting equipment. Regular inspection and maintenance during the use of the equipment: several maintenance and repairs to the mechanical equipment within the specified time, focusing on cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, dismantling, and overhaul. It is usually done by maintenance personnel and operators together.


After the crane leaves the factory, it is generally stipulated that there is a running-in period of about 60 hours (some called the running-in period), which is stipulated by the manufacturing plant according to the technical characteristics of the crane in the initial period of use. The running-in period is an important link to ensure the normal operation of the crane, reduce the failure rate, and extend its service life. However, some users ignore the special technical requirements of the new machine's running-in period due to lack of common knowledge about the use of cranes or because of the tight schedule or want to obtain profits as soon as possible. Some users even think that, anyway, the manufacturer has a warranty period, and the manufacturer is responsible for repairing the machine if it is broken, so the machine is overloaded for a long time during the running-in period, resulting in frequent occurrence of early machine failures, which not only affects the normal use of the machine, The service life of the machine was shortened, and the progress of the project was affected because of the damage of the machine. Therefore, the use and maintenance of the crane's running-in period should be given full attention.


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