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Scrap standards for main parts of cranes

July 27, 2021

Do you know the scrap standard of main parts of crane?


(1) Scrap packaging of crane hook:


a. Crack;


b. Dangerous section wear reaches 10% of the original size;


c. The opening degree is increased by 15% compared to the original size;


d. The torsion deformation exceeds 10°;


e. The dangerous section or the neck of the hook is plastically deformed;


f. When the plate hook bushing wears up to 50% of the original size, the bushing should be scrapped;


g. When the plate hook mandrel wears up to 5% of the original size, the mandrel should be scrapped.


Note: Defects on the hook shall not be repaired by welding.


(2) The scrap standard of steel wire rope:


a. Broken wires are visible;


b. Steel wire rope diameter equivalent reduction ≥9%, ≥6.5%, ≥4% (fiber core single-layer steel wire rope reduction ≥9%; steel core single-layer steel wire rope or parallel twisted dense steel wire rope reduction ≥6.5 %; reduction of anti-rotation wire rope ≥4%);


Note: The equivalent reduction of wire rope diameter=[(reference diameter-measured diameter)/nominal diameter]×100%


c. Obvious local reduction in diameter:


d. Wave deformation, cage deformity, protrusion or twisting of rope core or strands, ring protrusion of wire rope, local increase in rope diameter, local flatness, kinking, bending, damage caused by heat and arc (the appearance can be seen After the steel wire is heated, the color changes or the grease on the wire rope disappears abnormally);


(3) Standards for scrapping of welded circular chains for lifting;


a. Crack;


b. The chain is plastically deformed and stretched to 5% of its original length;


c. The diameter of the chain ring wears up to 10% of the original diameter.


(4) Standards for scrapping of crane drums:


a. Crack;


b. The cylinder wall wears up to 20% of the original wall thickness.


(5) Standards for scrapping of crane pulleys:


a. Splitting;


b. The uneven wear of the wheel groove reaches 3mm;


c. The wall thickness of the wheel groove wears up to 20% of the original wall thickness;


d. The diameter of the bottom of the wheel groove is reduced by 50% of the diameter of the wire rope due to wear;


e. Other defects that damage the wire rope.


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