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What are the advantages of European cranes?

November 26, 2021

European-style crane is a kind of crane with a wide range of uses. It has stable safety, ergonomic design, convenient material transportation, and its compact size and structure are very conducive to saving space. Mainly used in machinery manufacturing and assembly, warehouses and other places, suitable for machinery manufacturing, maintenance, warehouses and other places.


Compared with ordinary bridge cranes, European bridge cranes have reasonable structure layout, light weight, and are made of steel and higher-strength parts. The electrical appliances are driven by a large number of more stable and reliable automatic and semi-automatic industrial control circuits, which greatly reduces the size of the bridge crane, increases the stability of the operation, greatly improves the controllability, and can more accurately control the position and posture of the lifting object . This is a good lifting solution for good manufacturing.


At present, it is widely adopted by many manufacturing companies. As we all know, the original crane has a simple structure, large volume and heavy weight. If the transportation is very inconvenient, in order to change this situation, we began to research professional European cranes, and through continuous exploration, we have manufactured European cranes with our own characteristics. Since the European-style crane was put into production, its application has been recognized by many industries and widely used by many manufacturers. The use of European-style cranes has broken the traditional Chinese model, which is mainly manifested in the following aspects.


European-style cranes reduce the height of the crane through continuous modification of the design, creating conditions for users to reduce the height of the plant. The smaller the size of European cranes, the more energy and resources can be saved. European cranes have become commonly used lifting equipment in modern industries due to their small size, low noise, and good airtightness.


Mainly engaged in the design, manufacture and sales of bridge cranes, gantry cranes, special cranes and their equipment. With professional verification of strength, service to win credibility, and quality to create a brand, Henan Mining Group has been adhering to its own firm belief and has created a development path suitable for its own characteristics.


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