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What are the effects of wind speed on crane equipment?

March 28, 2022

Lifting machinery can also be called lifting equipment. It is an important tool and equipment to realize mechanization and automation of the production process, reduce heavy manual labor, and improve labor productivity in industrial, transportation, and construction enterprises. At present, it has a large variety of Lifting equipment.


The type of crane work has a very close relationship with safety performance. For cranes with the same lifting weight, span, and lifting height, if the work types are different, the safety factors adopted during design and manufacturing are different, that is, the parts models, sizes, and specifications are different. For example, because of the different work types and safety factors of steel wire ropes and brakes, the selected models are different.


The influence of the external environment on the crane, such as wind speed, is also a condition that needs to be taken into consideration.

Wind has a great influence on cranes. The taller the building, the higher the crane. Usually as the altitude increases, the wind speed also increases. We often don't feel it on the ground. The flag on the crane keeps making a hunting sound, reflecting the difference between the altitude and the ground environment. The effect of wind causes the crane to produce wind loads, and the increase in wind speed causes the crane to produce more wind loads. When the wind load exceeds the design resistance of the crane, the crane will be damaged.


For cranes to operate safely, the influence of wind speed must be taken into account in the design, so as to ensure that the crane can avoid the adverse effects caused by this factor. In addition, wind-proof measures for cranes must be done well. If they are not done well, operation on a windy day will bring great risks.


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