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What should I do if the environment is humid and the crane is moisture-proof?

January 26, 2022

FINEWORK is a company mainly engaged in the design, manufacture and sales of bridge cranes, gantry cranes, special cranes and their equipment. Today we will take a look at the maintenance of cranes.


In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the lifting operation, the crane is equipped with a relatively good safety device to protect the machine parts or remind the operator to pay attention in the event of an accident, thereby playing a safety protection role. Of course, in order to extend the service life of lifting equipment, we will also carry out proper maintenance, but there is also an important task to remind everyone not to ignore, that is, moisture-proof and rust-removing.


We know that in the rainy season or in a humid environment, metal is easy to rust. Cranes are an example. If they are left to corrode, they may cause crane failure. Therefore, lifting equipment must be protected from moisture.


So how to effectively protect the crane from moisture?


1. All exposed metal parts in the crane should be painted with protective paint, and a layer of protection should be added to the crane by waxing. Especially the base, chassis and other parts of the crane are also painted as far as possible to avoid moisture invasion.


2. Sun exposure, desiccant, bamboo charcoal and other methods can be used to remove the siltation of moisture and moisture inside the crane, or the bundles of old newspapers can be placed in the crane, which can also play a certain role in dehumidification and moisture prevention.


3. Strengthen the attention to the cleaning inside and outside the crane. If the crane maintains a good cleanliness, the probability of damage due to moisture will be greatly reduced. If necessary, high temperature and other means can be used to disinfect the crane.


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