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Before buying a flower stand gantry crane, these 5 factors allow you to buy the right equipment

March 18, 2021

Latest company news about Before buying a flower stand gantry crane, these 5 factors allow you to buy the right equipment

Whether it is an individual user or a business user, buying a gantry crane needs to proceed from reality. This is the basic principle when buying equipment. In short, you usually need to refer to five main elements before buying. Let’s take a look at the flower stand. Introduction of gantry crane manufacturers:

1. Model: Gantry cranes are distinguished by structure, model, lifting tonnage, etc., such as light flower frame gantry crane and heavy gantry crane, single arm gantry crane and double arm gantry crane. When choosing a model, more consideration must be given to the specific conditions of the gantry crane to be installed. In fact, users can learn more from technicians.

2. Performance: The performance of the flower-frame gantry crane includes many aspects, such as related technical parameters and electrical performance. These aspects are usually related to the capacity and service life of the gantry crane. As with the model, it is recommended that users consult more technical personnel.


3. Price: Individual users or corporate users must have a cost budget when purchasing a gantry crane. Therefore, in the process of purchasing a gantry crane, consideration of price factors usually accounts for a large proportion. In terms of price, line is the basic principle of users.

4. After-sales: Gantry cranes are nothing but daily necessities or consumables. The after-sales service period can last for up to three years, five years or even longer, so that users can avoid worries during the use of the flower stand gantry crane. The inspection of after-sales service factors depends on the timeliness of the service on the one hand, and the convenience of the after-sales service point on the other hand.

5. Word of mouth of the manufacturer: The quality of the word of mouth of the manufacturer usually represents the quality of the products in people's minds. Although this is not only a partial summary, in the flower frame type gantry crane market, the manufacturers of general reputation are naturally more reliable than the products of unknown manufacturers.

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