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Can a single girder overhead crane suddenly brake?

August 3, 2021

The single-beam bridge crane is a lifting equipment that is horizontally framed over the workshop, warehouse and material yard for material lifting. Because its two ends are located on tall concrete columns or metal supports, it is shaped like a bridge. The bridge frame of the single-beam bridge crane runs longitudinally along the tracks laid on the elevated bridges on both sides, which can make full use of the space under the bridge frame to lift materials without being hindered by ground equipment. It is a kind of hoisting machinery with a wide range of applications and a large number.


The car can brake suddenly, so can the single-girder overhead crane brake suddenly?


As a large and heavy equipment, single-girder cranes cannot brake suddenly when encountering an emergency, because single-beam cranes have great inertia during operation. If they brake suddenly during normal operation, it is easy to cause the whole equipment to be very sudden. The large torque can cause serious damage to the components, such as the torsion of the rotating shaft of the crane and the deformation of the car body. The sudden braking of a single girder crane may cause serious consequences:


1. The sudden braking of the crane will cause an impact on the gear connection system, which will cause equipment accidents;


2. The motor of the crane is not immune, and the large torque and high current will also burn the motor;


3. The sudden braking of the crane may also cause the product to fall from high altitude, which may cause a safety accident.


In order to ensure the safe operation of the single girder crane, it is also for you and others, if it is not necessary, not to brake suddenly during use. This is not only to protect the equipment, but also to protect our personal safety.


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