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How can the work efficiency become higher when the crane is operating?

February 26, 2022

Lifting machinery can be divided into light and small lifting equipment, lifts, cranes and overhead monorail systems according to different structures. Light and small lifting equipment mainly include lifting blocks, spreaders, jacks, manual hoists, electric hoists and ordinary winches, most of which are small in size, light in weight and easy to use.


So in our daily work, what measures can the crane take to increase work efficiency?


The lifting equipment is connected to the power source from the beginning, and the working principle is: the process of the rotor speed rising from zero to the rated value. According to the characteristics of the DC electric hoist, its starting methods are commonly used for full voltage starting, series-connected rheostat starting and lowering Three kinds of pressure start. For each mechanical line, there is a cycle and time of operation, which is not suitable for long-term continuous operation.


People use buttons to follow the control on the ground, or they can be manipulated in the driver's cabin or wired (wireless) remote control. The electric hoist upside-down method is safe, stable, and easy to adjust. No high-altitude operations, safe construction, the assembly welding of the tank wall panels is carried out on the ground, and the strength is low. There is also no need to use large lifting equipment (crane). The application is relatively strong, and the construction is not restricted by the water source. It is easy to control the deformation of the wall panel and know the geometrical accuracy of the tank body so that the welding quality of the wall panel can be made, and the process of water-filled front mounting is not conducive to the disadvantage of controlling the deformation of the wall panel (thin plate). In recent years, electric hoists have been used in the construction of floating roof tanks more and more frequently.


Choosing to use electric hoist for floating roof tank construction is because of its applicability. Electric hoist upside-down method is better in this field. Through different sensors, instruments and other equipment to monitor its own operating status in real-time, it can also record useful information in the operating process at all times. It can also automatically take relevant measures to make the equipment operate in response to some problems in its own operating process. The job performance can achieve optimized results. In order to make the crane work more efficient.


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