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What are the maintenance items of the crane

March 22, 2021

Latest company news about What are the maintenance items of the crane

As a large-scale special mechanical equipment, cranes are operated frequently with heavy loads, and their parts are prone to wear and tear when used for a long time. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, we need to strengthen the maintenance of the equipment during normal use. The main maintenance items of the equipment are introduced below for everyone, let's learn together!
1. Lubrication
The working performance and life of each mechanism of the crane largely depend on lubrication. Lubrication is one of the important contents of the equipment maintenance work. The quality of lubrication directly affects the operation of each mechanism and the life of the parts, and also affects safe production. And production efficiency. Therefore, operators and maintenance personnel must frequently check the lubrication conditions of the equipment's lubrication points, and replenish and replace lubricants on time.
Lubrication and maintenance should follow the principle: where there is a dynamic fit of the shaft and the hole, as well as the mechanical parts with friction surfaces, they must be regularly lubricated. Due to the different operating conditions of the crane (utilization rate and use environment, etc.), the lubrication of different parts, Should be properly grasped according to the specific situation.
2. Wire rope
Pay attention to the broken wire of the wire rope. If there are broken wires, broken strands or when the amount of wear reaches the scrapping standard, new ropes should be replaced in time. The wire ropes that can be used include phosphate coated steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope and smooth steel wire rope.
3. Spreader
The spreader must be checked regularly.
4. pulley block
Mainly check the wear of the rope groove, whether the wheel flange is cracked and whether the pulley is stuck on the shaft.
5. Wheel
Regularly check the rim and tread surface, and replace the new wheel when the rim part is worn or cracked to 10% of its thickness.
When the diameter of the two driving wheels on the tread differs by more than D/600, or there are serious scars on the tread, the car should be polished again.
6. Brake
Every shift should be checked once.
The brake should act accurately, and the pin should not be stuck. The brake shoe should fit the brake wheel correctly, and the brake shoe gap should be equal when the brake is released.
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