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What are the precautions for double beam cranes

April 8, 2021

Latest company news about What are the precautions for double beam cranes

With the development of the economy, people's living standards have been continuously improved, and social productivity has also been continuously improved, and machinery has begun to gradually replace labor. However, many people always do not pay attention to the operating procedures in the process of operating the double-beam crane, which leads to some accidents. Next, let the Xiongfeng lifting technicians tell us what operating matters need to be paid attention to when operating the double girder crane.


1. First, check the double-beam crane before starting: check whether there are any abnormalities in each part of the crane, especially the connection of the main gauge; check the wheels, whether there are cracks, and the indenter wear exceeds the limit, if the depth of the defect exceeds When it is 3mm, it is replaced immediately; check whether the steel wire rope has broken 19 wires within one lay length and whether the surface of the steel wire rope is obviously worn out. If so, replace it immediately.




2. Operation steps: When there is no load, turn on the power, start and check the operating mechanisms, control systems and devices, and then check and adjust the brakes of the electric hoist to see if the response is sensitive, accurate, and reliable. If it is, it can be normal. Use, no, repair immediately; in addition, after the work is completed, be sure to transfer the electric hoist and the operating button plate to the position, and cut off the power supply.


3. The specific precautions are as follows:

When using a double girder crane, the lifting capacity specified by the crane cannot be exceeded;

It is not possible to press and hold the control buttons that make the electric hoist rotate in both directions at the same time;

When lifting the workpiece, the operator must keep a distance of more than 1 meter from the workpiece;

When the electric hoist is not working, do not hang heavy objects to avoid permanent deformation of the parts.


The above precautions concerning the operation of the double-beam crane, I hope that all the staff who are operating or about to operate can keep in mind to avoid unnecessary losses. And Xiongfeng Crane has focused on the lifting field for 14 years, focusing on solving large-scale factory crane application solutions, and has won more than 30 lifting patents, and passed the IOS9001-2008 quality system certification. Therefore, the Xiongfeng Double Girder Crane is your safe choice.

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