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What conditions must the gantry crane have to carry out the post operation

March 17, 2021

Latest company news about What conditions must the gantry crane have to carry out the post operation

The gantry crane is the main lifting equipment of the crane. It has a wide range of use and good work safety. Therefore, the gantry crane driver must have the conditions for safe operation.


1. The operator must be evaluated. Those who have obtained the qualification certificate, and understand the function of the crane, strictly implement the structure and content of the safety technology, and operate strictly in accordance with the rules. Newly built or rear sliding door opening and closing equipment should be tested before lifting.


2. Operation, voltage instability, poor wire insulation, wire rope damage, mechanical operation, and electrical equipment temperature exceeding the advanced rules should be repaired and shut down in time. If the fault is not eliminated, no operation is allowed, and operation, repair and repair are prohibited.




3. Follow the instruction signal, and the upper and lower hooks are stable, light and accurate. Straight forward, the height crosses the obstacle, and the forward and backward should be bumped. When lifting a large heavy object, the speed is slow, and the object must use stable cable force at both ends.


4. If there is a short-circuit power supply failure during operation, immediately set the handle or switch to the zero position and remove the goods.


5. When the wind reaches level 8 or above, it should run intermittently and do a good job of wind protection and reinforcement.


6. It is necessary to press the alarm bell for lifting objects and follow the people on the track.


7. Strictly abide by the operating principle of the crane and do not violate the operating rules. If the operation cannot be overloaded, it is not suitable for safe operation.




8. Pay attention to the orbital balance and get on the orbit regularly. The front and back of the gantry crane should be equipped with scanning track plates and anti-collision equipment. There are two stoppers on the track. The stoppers should be strong to prevent the door from sliding.


9. After the operation is completed, the hook should be tightened, the handle should be placed in the neutral position, and the anchor should be lifted to locate and block the power supply.


10. After the lifting equipment is operated, maintain and maintain the correct parts of the equipment to check whether there are any shortcomings. If there are any problems, it can be replaced or repaired in time to ensure that the equipment functions well and is easy to use.

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