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What is the difference between explosion-proof crane equipment and ordinary crane equipment?

August 5, 2021

Explosion-proof cranes are key equipment used for unloading, installation, debugging, and docking of large equipment. The crane has the characteristics of complex structure, harsh environment and difficult maintenance.


Let's analyze the difference between explosion-proof cranes and ordinary lifting equipment from three aspects: performance, material and price:

In terms of performance: the places where explosion-proof cranes are used have relatively higher requirements for fire protection and explosion protection, while ordinary cranes cannot be used in these special environments, especially places with high requirements for fire and explosion protection.


In terms of material, the material requirements of explosion-proof crane equipment are better. The electrical system adopts the standard explosion-proof grade. The hydraulic pressure is also designed in a certain way to avoid sparks during operation. All aspects are very detailed.


The design of ordinary cranes in this respect is designed in accordance with national design standards.


In terms of price, different types of crane equipment are different in price. The difference is that the price is different. Of course, ordinary crane equipment is used in a wider range and the price is more favorable. In the process of using it, it is carried out according to your own needs. Just choose.


The explosion-proof crane uses a DC disc brake, which is a normally closed brake. When the power is off, the brake is closed and acts as a braking function. When the power is turned on, the brake is opened so that the motor can rotate. The brake spring is composed.

The above is the analysis brought to you. I hope that after this analysis, you can have more knowledge and understanding of explosion-proof motors.



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