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Brief introduction of general bridge crane operating mechanism

March 23, 2021

Latest company news about Brief introduction of general bridge crane operating mechanism

The general purpose bridge crane is a mature product developed and manufactured by our company. It is commonly used in workshops and warehouses. As a professional crane manufacturer, Shenfeng can design and manufacture various non-standard bridge cranes. The following is a brief introduction to the operating mechanism of the universal bridge crane. The operating mechanism of a general-purpose bridge crane has four traveling wheels (eight traveling wheels for larger tonnage, now four wheels are taken as an example), which are installed at both ends of two end beams. Two of them are active wheels and two are passive wheels. The driving mechanism of the active wheels is driven separately, that is, two sets of symmetrical and independent driving devices are used, which are installed on the walking platform of the crane. The reducer of the crane's operating mechanism adopts a fully sealed hard-tooth surface reducer (accuracy 8-7-7), and the internal gear and bearings of the reducer are lubricated by an oil bath. The oil level gauge and drain hole position on the reducer are convenient for daily inspection and maintenance. And ensure that all reducers are free from broken shafts, gears and oil leakage under normal operation. All mechanisms of the crane use rolling bearings, and the structure of the brake is a single push rod block brake. The brake wheel surface is wear-resistant, impact-resistant, has good heat dissipation performance, and the friction surface is smooth and defect-free. The friction lining of the brake is in good contact with the brake wheel, has good wear resistance, and is easy to replace. All parts of the crane mechanism are connected by gear couplings. In this way, even if the errors in manufacturing and installation, or the displacement of the components due to the deformation of the bridge caused by the load, can be compensated by the gear coupling, and will not affect the normal operation of the crane’s various mechanisms .

general bridge crane

Both the active and passive wheels and axles of the crane are supported on the angular bearing box, so the structure is convenient for assembly, disassembly and maintenance.

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