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Crane maintenance tips

March 31, 2021

Latest company news about Crane maintenance tips

For double-beam bridge cranes, the humid environment not only makes some metal parts rusty, but also affects the electronic instrumentation, wires, electrical appliances and other parts of the bridge crane, and may even endanger life in severe cases. Therefore, we need to consider how to use some small tricks to dispel gas troubles for bridge cranes.


If it is a double-girder bridge crane equipped with air-conditioning, the air is very simple, just turn on the air-conditioner to pump the air. In addition, there are several coups that can also achieve the purpose of bridge crane gas, and these coups are also applicable to all types of cranes.




1. Repaint the parts of the exposed metal parts of the double-beam bridge crane that lack paint protection. You can also add another layer of protection to the crane by waxing. For the base, chassis and other parts of the crane, try to paint as much as possible to prevent moisture from attacking.


2. Use sun exposure, desiccant, bamboo charcoal, etc. to remove the siltated moisture and water vapor inside the crane. Putting bundles of old newspapers in the crane cab can also have a certain moisture-proof effect.


Of course, keeping the inside and outside of the crane clean is also a problem that should be paid attention to. In order to increase the cleanliness of the bridge crane inside and outside and prevent moisture from causing germ coverage and other problems, high temperature and other means can also be used to disinfect the bridge crane when necessary.

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