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"Three Don'ts" in the Daily Operation of Overhead Cranes

October 26, 2021

The single girder overhead crane has two operation modes: ground and control room. There are two types of control room, open type and closed type, which can be divided into two types for installation on the left or right according to the actual situation. There are two types of entry directions, side and end, to meet the needs of users to choose under various needs.


In order to avoid unnecessary troubles during the daily operation of the crane, there are usually the following points for attention:


1. Regarding the overload use of cranes


During the operation of single-girder bridge cranes, overloading should be avoided. Each crane will have a weight value of the standard limit, and the operator will clarify the starting weight and load-bearing range of the crane. The crane cannot be operated under overload due to the temporary needs of construction, otherwise it will only damage the parts and performance of the crane.


2. There is a phenomenon of people passing on the bridge


During the operation of the single-beam bridge crane, pedestrians on the bridge should be avoided, no one is allowed to walk back and forth on the bridge, or use hooks to complete the transportation of people. Despite the large size of the crane itself, the Henan mine lifting reminder should not allow personnel to stop in unrelated positions. One is to consider the personal safety of the personnel, and the other is to consider the performance of the crane.


3. Control the lifting when the conditions are not available


In the process of operating a single-girder overhead crane, it is also necessary to avoid unqualified lifting, for example, the binding is not strong enough, or the equipment signal is disordered, or the wire rope is aging and damaged. In this case, lifting is not recommended. The mine lifting plant still hopes that the operator can do the inspection work before lifting, and then deal with it after confirming that it is correct.


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