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What are the reasons for the overturn of gantry crane equipment?

December 26, 2021

At this stage, when the crane enters the lifting site during the industrial production process, it is necessary to check the direction of the vehicle, the elastic space of the hydraulic outriggers, and the hardness of the soil. When cranes are used in industry, the supporting legs of hydraulic outriggers must be cushioned. The lifting site must be flat and firm, and backfill and soft soil layers must be treated. If the soil is soft, it should be placed alone. Do not park on a slope, and do not allow the sides of the crane to move up and down.


In the construction of the home industry, the overload of the crane is prevented, and the small crane is inclined. A tilted crane can cause overload and cause the wire rope to escape the trench, pull the rope and roll over. When the crane is lifting at high altitude and diagonally, it may also cause heavy objects to shake quickly after being lifted from the ground, which may injure people or other objects. The slings of the crane equipment must be considered when lashing components. All lifting items should be checked regularly to determine if they are damaged. When lifting in Henan mines, the lashing method should be correct and firm to prevent the sling from breaking or slipping off the components during the lifting process. The crane tipped over without weight.


Semi-gantry cranes cannot lift heavy equipment of unknown weight, so how to increase the service life of Lanko cranes in industry. On the one hand, it is necessary to extend the service life of the crane according to the customer's maintenance requirements, promptly dispose of waste hydraulic oil, check the gap between the tires, frequently lubricate, check all aspects of noise, and conduct regular inspections. Winter maintenance, etc. The crane cannot be overloaded, which will severely wear the crane components, cause excessive wear on the crane components, and reduce the service life of the crane.


With the continuous development of technology, the number of semi-gantry cranes has also increased, which is also very necessary for how to maintain the cranes. When lifting the mine in Henan, check whether the whole vehicle fasteners of the crane are loose, and tighten the corresponding parts. Moreover, the cold weather in winter may affect the normal operation of the vehicle cooling system. Therefore, it is necessary to fill the vehicle with antifreeze in winter. The antifreeze replacement cycle is 2 to 3 years or 30,000 to 40,000 kilometers. Check if the oil level of the crane oil is normal, and try to use crude oil with low viscosity.


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