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What constitutes the pulley block of a crane?

September 26, 2021

The pulley is a small wheel with grooves on the periphery and is capable of rotating around an axis. A simple machine that can rotate around the central axis, which is composed of a grooved disc and a flexible cable (rope, tape, steel cable, chain, etc.) across the disc, is called a pulley.


Henan Mining Crane Factory will take you to understand the two kinds of pulleys and pulley blocks commonly used in cranes, let's take a look at their functions!


There are two types of pulleys for cranes. One is a fixed pulley, which is actually an equal arm lever. Although it does not save effort and effort, it can change the direction of the force. In many cases, changing the direction of the force will bring convenience to the work. The other is the movable pulley, that is, the power arm is twice the lever of the resistance arm. Using the movable pulley can save half of the force, but it takes a lot of distance.


This is because when the crane uses movable pulleys, the hook is suspended by two ropes, and each rope only bears half of the weight of the hook. Therefore, although the use of movable pulleys saves effort, the distance that the power moves is greater than the distance that the hook rises, which is a waste of distance.


The mine crane factory tells everyone that if these two types of sliding are combined together, a pulley block is formed. It saves effort and can change the direction of the force. Because the pulley block uses several ropes to hang objects, the force used to lift the object is a few minutes of the total weight. One; and the free end of the rope is counted as one section when it goes around the moving pulley, while the one that goes around the fixed pulley is not counted.


Henan Mine Hoisting: Pulleys are load-bearing parts in cranes. Due to different usage conditions, they can change the working tension in the flexible part, or change the speed and direction of its movement. Therefore, the pulley can be used as a guide pulley in a metallurgical crane, or it can be used to form a pulley block.

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