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What is the impact of double girder crane operation in hot weather

April 7, 2021

Latest company news about What is the impact of double girder crane operation in hot weather

People say that it is very uncomfortable on a hot day. The whole person and the earth are being scorched by the sun. This is indeed very distressing for the work and construction of construction sites in the summer, especially for double-beam cranes. For this type of iron products, it is more difficult, but in the hot weather, what impact will it have on the operation of the double girder crane?

Xiongfeng Crane believes that the operation of a double-beam crane in a hot day has three effects, namely, the physical condition of the driver, the characteristics of the crane itself, and the construction period of the work object.




From the driver’s point of view, excessive temperature affects people’s mood and basic psychological emotions, which will cause the driver to have some unreasonable abnormal behaviors in the double-beam crane and affect the engineering results of the entire double-beam crane. It is often difficult to ensure the correctness and standardization of crane operators under the working conditions of the crane.

Judging from the characteristics of the double-beam crane itself, the temperature is too high. Through the reflection and heat absorption of some fixed conditions, the temperature of the surface of the double-beam crane increases. The internal structure of the double-beam crane, especially the fuel tank installation system, is very difficult due to the overheating of the weather. There may be some accidents or damage to the double girder crane itself.

From the perspective of construction schedule, this is undoubtedly a problem of overall efficiency. The pace of the entire project, including the double-beam crane, may be reduced, which will affect the specific construction situation.

In short, it is not a bad thing to operate a double-beam crane in a hot day, but often the efficiency of the double-beam crane may not have positive externalities. Xiongfeng Crane has been integrated with production and operation for many years. Chemical company, with the management philosophy and conventional methods for the operation of double girder cranes in hot weather, we will provide users with good services as soon as possible. Choosing Xiongfeng Crane will keep you from worrying about nature.

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